Curators :
Maurice Fréchuret,
Ariane Coulondre

Musées nationaux du XXe siècle
des Alpes-Maritimes

RMN - Grand Palais

Musée national Fernand Léger
Chemin du Val de Pome
06410 Biot
T +33(0)4 92 91 50 30

June 26th – November 7th, 2011

Open every day but tuesday,
From 10am to 6pm
(from 10am to 5pm since November).

Max Charvolen, Escaliers, murs, sol, 2011© Adagp, Paris 2011

Max Charvolen, Escaliers, murs, sol, 2011© Adagp, Paris 2011

© Bernard Pagès Le grand scarabée, 2008

© Bernard Pagès Le grand scarabée, 2008

Fernand Léger national Museum
La peinture autrement (volet 1)
-Another Look at Painting Part 1-

The three national museums in the Alpes-Maritimes region (The Léger Museum in Biot, The Chagall Museum in Nice and The Picasso Museum in Vallauris) have put together the history of what they refer to as ‘another look’ at painting, offering visitors a panorama of 50 years of creation on the Côte d’Azur. Organized in three parts, the exhibition focuses mainly on those works whose subject matter is painting itself, by examining the processes that govern its development or its deconstruction.

The Fernand Leger National Museum brings together 20 or so leading artists from the 60s and 70s and allows visitors to discover the historical aspect of the exhibition. The artistic movements on display range from Lyrical Abstraction and New Realism to Supports/Surfaces and Group 70. The exhibition also shows artists whose works question the process and materials of painting. Some of Hans Hartung’s last works are displayed alongside Arman’s Allures d’objets and Yves Klein’s Cosmogonies. Reflecting a time when painting and making a critical statement were one and the same thing, space is devoted to Ben’s gestures,
Noël Dolla’s experiments with floor cloths and tarlatan fabric, Claude Viallat’s repeated shapes, Bernard Pagès unusual use of materials and Louis Cane’s rubber stamps. Remarkably, the exhibition is continued into the hall and museum garden showcasing the monumental works of  Noël Dolla, Bernard Pagès, Bernar Venet and Max Charvolen.

Ariane Coulondre, Conservateur au musée Fernand Léger, Biot.