Curators :
Maurice Fréchuret,
Ariane Coulondre,
Diane Pigeau

Quartier des Bréguières
772 ch. de Font de Currault
06250 Mougins
T +33(0)4 93 46 00 03

June 19th – October 2nd 2011

Open tuesday to sunday,
From 10:30am to 7pm.

Ouvert tous les jours sauf le lundi
De 10h30 à 19h

From September 2011,
open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
from 11am to 6pm

Ben Vautier, Sculpture-Objet, 1958-1962
© ADAGP, Paris

Ben Vautier, Sculpture-Objet, 1958-1962 © ADAGP, Paris

© Pascal Pinaud, Courtesy Galerie Catherine Issert, Coutesy Galerie Obadia

© Pascal Pinaud, Courtesy Galerie Catherine Issert, Coutesy Galerie Obadia

La sculpture autrement
-Another Look at Sculpture-

Following an invitation from the town of Mougins, the three national museums of the Alpes-Maritimes region have put together an exhibition dedicated to the artistic treatment of the object. The exhibition is based on the following observation: Since World War II, Western society has undergone an unprecedented economic boom. The industrial production of objects has greatly increased. Artists, sensitive to the emergence of a consumer society, cannot help but react to what is becoming a complete sociological transformation, the effects of which are particularly visible on the Côte d’Azur.

By choosing to integrate objects into their works, artists are not only responding to the socio-economic situation but they are also challenging the boundaries of the artistic landscape in a new and radical way. The manufactured, standard, functional object is undermined, altered, accumulated, assembled, multiplied, compressed and… destroyed. Arman, Erik Dietman, Raymond Hains, Ben, Tatiana Trouvé, Philippe Mayaux, Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini are just some examples of the generations of artists who have worked or continue to work on the Côte d’Azur and who have experimented in a fruitful manner with the object in new and surprising ways.

Maurice Fréchuret