Maison abandonnée
[Villa Cameline]
43 avenue Montplaisir
06100 Nice
M +33(0)6 60 98 49 88

June 17th - July 2nd 2011

Open June 17th to 25th,
From 3pm to 6pm
From June 27th to July 2nd by appointment

© Frédéric Nakache, A voix basse.

© Frédéric Nakache, A voix basse.

Maison abandonnée [Villa Cameline]
Frédéric Nakache, L’herbe rouge

“Memory does not make films, it makes photographs”, wrote Milan Kundera in Immortality. I photograph, therefore I remember could well be the catchphrase of artist Frédéric Nakache. Nakache’s work rejects the dictums of certain types of contemporary art, undermines myths, and blurs the boundaries of auto-fiction…” - Sophie Rosemont. The artist continues to explore such themes in this solo exhibition and presents a selection of new works as well as some older pieces, previously unseen in Nice.

La Maison abandonnée, Villa Cameline is a private art space that opened in September 2003 for exceptional art events. Events are selected by choice, depending on the whims of the directorial staff. The objective of this space is to offer artists a venue completely different to the white cube, a space that is characterized by its architecture and attractive to both artists and curators alike who wish to invest themselves, to invest this space.