Curator : no-made

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Villa le Roc Fleuri
23 Avenue Docteur Onimus
06320 Cap d’Ail

Every day from 2:30 to 6:30pm,
and by appointment

September 10th to 30th 2011

"Cox" installation Denis Gibelin

Villa le Roc Fleuri, Cap d'Ail

Passe-[ports] méditerranéen
-Mediterranean Pass (Ports)-

The artists : Sahra Abdallah-Khodja, Antonio Aiazzi (centro d'arte La Loggia), Caterina Aicardi (centro d'arte La Loggia), Maria Amos, Lorenzo Biagi, Étienne Borgo, Gilbert Casula, Cathie Cotto, Véronique Champollion, Louis Dollé, Christian Fulcheri, Denis Gibelin, Claude Giorgi, Giorgio Guidi (centro d'arte La Loggia), Jean-Pierre Joly, Michèle Kleijnen, Héléna Krajewicz- Robert Rowlands, Laurent Lassource, Catherine Libmann, Made, Aurélie Masset/Malik Ben Massaoud (Meta2), Roland Moreau, Nadège Pagès, Bernard Paquet, Charlotte Pringuey Cessac, Alessandro Reggioli (centro d'arte La Loggia), Rachèle Rivière, Olivier Roche, Franz Stähler, Paul Stapleton, Pierre Verola, Anne-Sophie Viallon.

For the group of visual artists that form the collective No-made, the theme “Mediterranean Pass (Ports)” is a suitable focus for 2011 given that for the past ten years, the group has been concerned with questions of liberty and country. The theme “Mediterranean Pass (Ports)” is rich with possible meanings and contradi tions voiced by the artists in this exhibition.

“Pass” refers to both a connection and a closure. “Ports” are places that can be open and closed at the same time. The Mediterranean coast line is littered with forts and watch towers whose role was to limit and control the movement of people and ideas. Pass (port) strainers which cannot filter human exchange and the cross-fertilization of ideas and DNA. The Mediterranean is a place full of contradictions: it is enclosed, yet the Straits of Gibraltar allow an entry and exit way, it is surrounded by land, but these lands are unattainable for many. But the open sea is a place of freedom. To cross that sea and to travel from port to port, you need a passport, a document with a photo and digital fingerprints. The passport is the means to freedom or a means of exclusion and repression. Through what memories, sensations, smells, tastes, faces, objects, colours, personal traces, stories, ecological fears or ideological hopes has the Mediterranean affected our lives as artists, our imagination and therefore our works ?