Musée Magnelli,
Musée de la Céramique
Place de la Libération
06220 Vallauris
T +33(0)4 93 64 71 83

June 26th – November 7th 2011

Open every day
July 1st to August 31st,
From 10am to 7pm

Open every day but tuesday
June 26th to 30th and
September 1st to 15th
From 10am to 12 and 2pm to 6pm
(5pm from September 16th)

Mathieu Lehanneur – Atelier Claude Aiello, L’âge du monde (Japon), Vers 2009 © Claude Germain, BICC 2010

Mathieu Lehanneur – Atelier Claude Aiello, L’âge du monde (Japon), Vers 2009 © Claude Germain, BICC 2010

Jean Derval, Applique murale

Jean Derval, Applique murale "Taureau", Vers 1956/1958, Collection particulière, Nice © Claude Germain, BICC 2010

Le Musée Magnelli, Musée de la Céramique
Vallauris and the Côte d’Azur
60 years of contemporary ceramic

The exhibition will showcase those ceramists who have adopted an original and somewhat revolutionary approach to contemporary ceramics. Through the pieces on display, including once-off creations, architectural elements and semi-industrial tiles, the public has an insight into the socio-industrial revolution of the Côte d’Azur over the past 60 years.

Picasso is the most famous of those “foreign” artists who contributed to the renown of Vallauris. Today, artists like Roger Capron, Jean Derval, Gilbert Portanier, Jean-Paul Van Lith and Suzanne Ramié, most of whom trained in art schools, create works in direct contrast to the traditional ceramics production in Vallauris which was originally centred on functional pieces, rather than pieces with any intrinsic art value. At the end of the 90s, ceramics studios in Vallauris opened their doors to designers with the “Two designers in Vallauris” project, bringing a breath of fresh air to the domain of ware and crockery.

The last section of the exhibition at the Magnelli Ceramics Museum is devoted to young contemporary ceramists and showcases the works of artists from or living on the Côte d’Azur.

This exhibition comprises three places :
Musée Magnelli, Musée de la céramique - Salle Eden - Maison des Quartiers

The artists : Claude Aiello, Les Argonautes, Pierre Baey, Erick Belasco, Jean-Paul Bonnet, Paolo Bosi, Serge Bottagisio, Claude Bouchard, Daniel Branchard, Marie Cagnasso, Roger Capron, Gilles Compas, Gérard Crociani, Agnès Decoux, Jean Derval, Florence Doléac, Serge Dos Santos, Sophie Drai, Marie Ducaté, Richard Fauguet, Thierry Finidori, Jean Gerbino, Marcel Giraud, Karim Ghelloussi, Edmond Guizol, Hans Hedberg, Patrick Jouin, Guive Khosravi, Muriel Koenig, Yvan Koenig, Chrystel Krainik, Jean-Jacques Laurent, Laurence Laurent, Eun Yeoung Lee, Mathieu Lehanneur, Renaud Lembo, Ron Maraval, Céline et Cédric Massier, René Maurel, Kyriaki Moustaki, Patrick Moya, Gabriel Musarra, Sylvain Natoli, Robert Perot, Anne Pesce, Marc Piano, Gilbert Portanier, Suzanne Ramié, François Raty, Rachel Rivière, Sandrine Rousseau « Omsa », Olivier Roy, Monique Thibaudin, Stéphanie Titus, Jacqueline Torres, Gérard Traquandi, Gilbert Valentin, Jean-Paul Van Lith.