Curator :
Sandrine Mons

Le Module
Centre Commercial Cap3000
Avenue Eugène Donadeï
06700 Saint-Laurent du Var

June 25th – October 22nd 2011

Open Tuesday to Sturday
From 1pm to 7pm

Free entrance

Baudoin, Passe le temps, “Futuropolis”, 1982

Baudoin, Passe le temps, “Futuropolis”, 1982

Le Module
Baudoin voyage -Baudoin’s journey-

Nice man, Edmond Baudoin is an illustrator known in the world of publishing both in France and abroad for his comic books, first published over 30 years ago. For Le Module, Edmond Baudoin has selected several comic strips, paintings, drawings and sketches that focus around the theme of travel or escape… Freedom, in other words….