Palais Gounod
22, rue Gounod
06000 Nice
T 09 50 55 75 11

June 17th - July 2nd 2011

July 6 th to 31th 2011

August 3rd to 27th 2011

September 1st to 24th 2011

install. dimension variable

install. dimension variable

dess_mecanique A

dess_mecanique A

La Conciergerie Gounod

La Conciergerie Gounod is a new space dedicated to culture in all its forms. As part of Contemporary Art and the Côte d'Azur - An Aera for Experimentation, 1951-2011, this art place welcomes Anne Gérard, Martin Caminiti and Gilles Miquelis, three artists who live and work in Nice and its region.

Rencontre à la conciergerie -Meeting at La Conciergerie-
Meeting at the concierge - the inaugural event allows to compare the compositions of the three guest artists. The three following solo exhibitions will highlight the originality of each creator.

Anne Gérard, Arrêt momentané de l’image (Stop on the image) - in her work something of ambivalence, but also a form of violence, melancholy and nostalgia.

Gilles Miquelis, Ragots d’humanité (Gossip of humanity) - «normal accidents» or when the tragic comedy takes over banality.

Martin Caminiti, la ronde du concierge (The keeper’s walk) - A sculptor, assembler, designer all at once.