This exhibition is presented in two parts:

Exhibition 1#
Galerie d’essais de l’École nationale supérieure d’art
20 avenue Stephen Liégeard, Nice
T +33(0)4 92 07 73 73

June 24th - October 9th 2011

Exhibition 2#
59 quai des Etats-Unis - Nice
T +33(0)4 93 91 92 91 ou 92 93

June 25th - October 9th 2011

Open every day but monday and some hollidays
From 10am to 6pm.
Free entrance

Frédéric Luquet, Sans titre, 2008
Tablette d’auto-école

Frédéric Luquet, Sans titre, 2008 Tablette d’auto-école

Galerie de la Marine
Demain c’est loin
Exposition des diplômés 2011 de la Villa Arson

André Clio / Bodin Anthony / Boyer Alexandrine / Carlier Floriane / Clair Nicolas / Costa Verana / Da Costa Esmeralda / Gerardo Laurie / Gimbert Nicolas / Goupy Anaïs / Guena Clarence / Leclair Maxime / Luquet Frédéric / Martins Maxime / Paloma Estelle / Parrot Adeline / Ptak Justine / Ren Han / Rivalan Caroline / Roubaud Vivien / Santarelli Jennifer / Schiavi Ugo / Spinetta Floriane / Teurlay Thomas / Wang Xuan He / Yim Tsang / Zheng Mengzhi
Opened in 1978 by the city of Nice, La Marine Gallery showcases and supports young contemporary creation. The gallery also welcomes more established artists. Situated opposite the sea, just a few metres from the Cours Saleya, the gallery aims to bring the public closer to those young artists working in Nice or having a connection with the town. The 200 m2 exhibition space, decorated with listed architectural elements makes for an unusual and attractive place for artists working in situ. The gallery invites a large number of internationally renowned artists. Strengthened by new management and programming since 2009, La Marine Gallery’s commitment to young, emerging talents can be seen in their support of this new graduates’ show. This summer, these young artists, fresh out of school, will exhibit their work at La Marine and put a range of rich and varied works under the critical gaze of the public and professionals alike. This multidisciplinary show is supported by the Bernar Venet Foundation who has set up an award for young creation.

This exhibition is co-organised by the Ville de Nice - galerie de la Marine and the Villa Arson - Ecole nationale supérieure d’art.

The Villa Arson is an administrative public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It receives the support of the General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes, the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur and the City of Nice.

The Galerie de la Marine and the Villa Arson are part of the BOTOX[s] network /