Galerie Catherine Issert
2 route des Serres
06570 Saint-Paul
T +33(0)4 93 32 96 92

Open Tuesday to Saturday,
From 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm

June 10th – July 2nd 2011

July 5th to 23rd 2011

July 26th - August 13th 2011

August 16th - September 3rd 2011

September 6th to 24th 2011

September 27th - October 15th 2011

Claude Viallat, Sans titre, N°170, 2006

Claude Viallat, Sans titre, N°170, 2006

Jean-Charles Blais, Sans titre, 2010

Jean-Charles Blais, Sans titre, 2010

Karim GHELLOUSSI, Hélas, 2011, Courtesy Galerie Catherine Issert

Karim GHELLOUSSI, Hélas, 2011, Courtesy Galerie Catherine Issert

Galerie Catherine Issert
1975 - 2011

As part of the event, the gallery Catherine Issert offers a series of six exhibitions marking its collaboration with many contemporary artists associated with the Riviera and the creations of whom are part of the international trends.

Bernard Pagès, Claude Viallat, Tatiana Wolska
This exhibition brings together two key actors of the movement Support / Surface and offers a unique opportunity to rediscover ancient works, and to discover the latest. Next to these two artists present Tatiana Wolska sculptures in a face-off generations.

Ben, Érik Dietman, Robert Filliou
This exhibition showcases Fluxus, a movement rooted in Nice and Villefranche (with la Cédille qui sourit). The gallery shows Ben in 1978 and Filliou in 1981 and Dietman in 1989. Ancient works of these three artists are exhibited.

Jean-Charles Blais, Denis Castellas, Anne Pesce, Adrian Schiess, Gérard Traquandi
This exhibition tells stories of painters, with an exhaustive look at the actual painting. The artists set up their latest creations.

Karim Ghelloussi, Aïcha Hamu, Anna Byskov
This exhibition features three artists whose practices can not be reduced to a single medium or common. Their concerns come as the sociological and political issues of our time as a true personal poetic.

BP, Pierre Descamps, Renaud Layrac, Pascal Pinaud, Xavier Theunis, Mathieu Schmitt
This exhibition of pictorial alternative practices, explores some of the most innovative creations in painting from the past 20 years, somewhere between abstraction, conceptual art, installation and space.

Pascal Broccolichi, Collection Yoon Ja & Paul Devautour, Lars Fredrikson, Jérôme Grivel
This exhibition is devoted to sound art, a practice that has developed compelling for ten years.