Fondation Hartung Bergman
173 chemin du Valbosquet
06600 Antibes
T +33(0)4 93 33 45 92

Open on Fridays at 2pm.
By reservation only.

The Foundation will hold a
seminar as a part of this
exhibition in 2012.

© fondation Hartung Bergman/

© fondation Hartung Bergman/

Hartung Bergman Foundation

The Foundation was created in response to a wish expressed by Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman in the 1960s. The foundation was created on February 16th 1994 receiving official approval by decree. The foundation of public interest is a private organization and is financially independent. The foundation’s aim is to conserve the works of Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman, to educate the public about these works and to increase their status in the world of contemporary art. Thanks to the variety and quality of works on display, the foundation is one of the biggest arts foundations in the world, with over 16,000 original works dating from the period in which the two artists lived and worked. It also boasts a large archives collection (with notes, personal and professional letters, studio catalogues, publications and newspaper articles).

The foundation has several activities. It works as a mediator between the artistic heritage of Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman and those who study it, such as art historians, critics, curators and exhibition organizers. The foundation is a research centre and a meeting place for those interested in the history of art. It also carries out computer based research concerned with the management and study of artistic heritage across other domains. The foundation provides an appraisal and authentication service and also acts as a venue for contemporary creative events. It has a residency program for artists and researchers.