Curator : Julien Camy
for Le Patriote

Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra
2, Place Yves Klein
06300 Nice
T +33(0)4 97 13 48 00

June 25th – September 24th 2011

Open Tuesday to Saturday
From 1pm to 6pm

Free entance

Le Patriote - 30 janvier 1951 © Le Patriote

Le Patriote - 30 janvier 1951 © Le Patriote

Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra
60 years of contempory artists in Le Patriote

60 years ago, Picasso realized its first original drawing on front page of Le Patriote on the occasion of the Carnival of Nice in March, 1951 ! This event was the first of a long collaboration with the artist but was also a founding and striking act in the links of the newspaper with the contemporary art. So every year, artists, draftsmen, contemporary sculptors realize original works to illustrate the front pages of the Patriot on the occasion of the Carnival, of the new year either with particular events as fight against the FN, like against the war in Iraq, for 150 years of the attachement of Nice to France, etc. This development of the contemporary creation wished to make a bridge between this artistic experiments and the popular culture of newspapers : the culture for all and within the reach of all. It was also a reflection by the artists on the use of the Press as the means of artistic expression. The work had no more this sacred character of the exhibition but went leafed down, creased, folded …

The exhibition shows a selection of the most beautiful front pages illustrated by the artists and sometimes their own works on the opposite page. With the front pages and the illustrations of Picasso, Ben, Pignon-Ernest, Gastaud, Brice, Calvé, Moretti, Vernassa, Di Rosa, Lagautrière, Braque, Breguet, Eusebi, Baudoin, Pagès, Kijno, Meziani, Charvolen, Quin, Maccaferri, Champolion...