Curators : Thibaut Courbis,
Diane Pigeau, Jérémie Strauch

M +33(0)6 11 98 64 04

June to November  2011

In addition to the exhibition,
art works can also be viewed
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September 2011

La Maison, galerie singulière
Cure d’Azote

La Maison, galerie singulière has created the Cure d’Azote (Nitrogen Detox) project. This project focuses on the central role of the pamphlet in terms of communicating and spreading political and artistic ideas. Involving the contributions of 50 or so artists, thinkers and philosophers with close ties to the Côte d’Azur region, pamphlets will be distributed to the public throughout the duration of this event at the various venues taking part in this project, as well as on the streets of towns and villages in the region.

With the participation of : Alexandra Guillot, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Béatrice Cussol, Ben, Benjamin Hugard, Cécile Mainardi, Christian Xatrec, Collectif 1.0.3, Emilie Pischedda, Valentin Souquet, Dominique Figarella, Edmond Baudoin, Emilie Perotto, Eric Paul, Eric Pougeau, Faycal Baghriche, Florent Mattei, Florian Leduc, Gérald Panighi, Gérald Thupinier, Gilbert Caty, Guy Mathieu, Ian Simms, Ingrid Luche, Ingrid Maria Sinibaldi, Jean Dupuy, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Jean-Luc Gautero, Joseph Mouton, Julien Bouillon, le collectif Ktra, Marc Chevalier, Marie-Eve Mestre, Noël Dolla, Olivier Marro, Paul Chazal, Philippe Mayaux, Philippe Perrin, Renaud Layrac, Robin Decourcy, Sandra Lecoq, Stéphane Steiner, Thierry Lagalla, Virginie Le Touze

La Maison, galerie singulière publishes on the occasion of Cure d’Azote House a collector’s edition to 250 copies of all flyers designed by fifty contributors (artists, thinkers, poets, journalists, graphic designers). This limited edition is accompanied by critical texts.