La Galerie Ambulante
Stéphane Guglielmet
T 06 88 16 21 11

2 routes:
July 15th - July 31st 2011
August 15th - August 31st 2011

The Ambulante Gallery goes through Nice (place Garibaldi), Annot, Saint Martin de Vésubie, Cannes, Vence, Tourettes sur Loup, Vallée de la Nervia, Dolceaqua, Apricale, and way back to Nice (place Garibaldi).

A project of the association ART’ccessible in partnership with the Villa Arson National Contemporary Art Centre, the Espace à Vendre Gallery in Nice and the Cabinet Gallery in Paris.



La Galerie Ambulante
Thierry Lagalla
Lo Tantflas & Lume giro (u) - The Tantiflas & Light live performances

For the past number of years, the ART’ccessible Association has been working from Marseille to Nice, from the Bouches du Rhône region to the Nice countryside and from the Queyras Valley to the Piedmont region in Italy. This route is covered thanks to the help of the Ambulante Gallery, a vehicle which has been transformed into an exhibition space. This mobility gives a public, either geographically or socially removed from the art scene a chance to discover contemporary art. The goal of this association is to establish a relationship between the public, the artist and the art work, and to introduce the public, adults and children alike, to the work of a particular artist and to contemporary art in general.

Thierry Lagalla performes, accompanied by his suitcase containing objects to activate the mechanisms of his actions. For this "carte blanche", the Ambulante Gallery takes the place of the suitcase and becomes a toolbox all along the route. The exhibition in the Gallery offers to the public a double proposition : an installation of the objects-tools of Thierry Lagalla, the dynamic of his performances, and a journey in the heart of his lives performances in every stage of this summer route. During these performances, the object is in the center of the proposition, at once manipulated, interpeeled, shown to the public, then rested in its place of exhibition.