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Kiosk n°28 - Snowball Azur

The Editions DEL' Arts publish an exceptional number of KIOSK by inviting the artists to participate in a huge ping-pong. Real witness of the contemporary art on Côte d'Azur, this special number of Kiosk wishes to make visible the relations which exist naturally between the artists of this region, sometimes revealing unexpected connections of nearness and intimacy, pursuing relations and dialogues which can be shown thanks to this publication.

Clémentine Roy, artist at the origin of the KIOSK project, remains chief editor of this edition and invites the first artist. It is then to this one to propose a first project, a text or a picture, and to choose the second artist. The artists are not imposed, on the contrary, the project's purpose is to reveal a network, of intellectual and artistic affinities.

Association DEL’ART works on a research program concerning the artistic order in the public space, which received the support of DRAC PACA. It develops tools and means dedicated to the valorization of works.